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Why Do We Use White Horses?

Why Do We Use White Horses?

The Noble White steed from fairy tale to folklore is a living breathing legendary creature that we are still able to enjoy in today's real world. Revered since the dawn of time, for both its beauty and Why Why a White Horse?

Besides being the most sought after steed of choice for wedding celebrations all over the world from every corner of the US to even the far reaches of India where during the Baraat it is traditional for the groom to arrive to the ceremony on the back of a decorated white mare. The noble white steed is preferred from fairy tale to folklore. White horses are a living breathing, yet legendary creature that we are still able to enjoy in today's real world. Most born black, and genetically grey's once they have turned white they become more coveted than at any other time in their lives. 

Revered since the dawn of time, for both its beauty and religious symbolism, the white horse has been the center of world events from pre-biblical times, to the 20th Century. Here we introduce you to the world of the white horse with its mystery, mysticism, imagery and history.

Military leaders often chose a white horse because it would stand out on the field of battle. Some famous white war horses include those ridden by William the Conqueror astride his white stallion defeating King Harold at the battle of Hastings. Napoleon's famous white horse Marengo, U.S.Grants white horse Methuselah, and even Joan of Arc rode a white horse. Our first US president George Washington is riding a white horse in most of the paintings depicting him in battle. White war horses go back as far as the Celtic Goddess Epona's white war horse from 500 BC. Even in less traditional worlds than our own, the white horse is an often seen as a celebrity. Just one example is in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings where a fearless and glowing white horse named Shadowfax carries Gandalf purely by his own choice throughout middle earth.

White horses are still immensely popular today. Besides the adoration of the general public they are also the choice for organizations such as the Queen's Household Cavalry and the US Marine Corps Color Guard where they are the main feature for ceremonial occasions. Then.. who could forget the world famous Lipizzaner Stallions? To many of us the white horse is instantly reminiscent of famous silver screen appearances as the mounts of TV cowboys. Everyone from Clayton Moore as The Lone Ranger riding "Silver" to William Boyd as Hop-along Cassidy riding his white horse "Topper" and Tex Ritter's "White Flash" just to name a few.

The white horse has been a major part of art, imagery, and symbolism over the centuries. Artists, such as Gauguin, Constable and Munnings have immortalized the white horse in their canvases. John Collier's 1897 famous painting of Lady Godiva shows her astride a majestic white horse. Others depict the white horse in their pub signs, the latter still in use outside hostelries throughout Britain today and in America where the imagery was so well loved it was brought here clear across the oceans by the early settlers.

Historically, white horses have been the most sought after mount in war for the most famous warriors of all times, to the glamorous standout steed for Hollywood's "good guy" cowboy wearing the white hat. So smitten are we with the white horse that even the Pegasus, Unicorn, and other magical horses of far away fairy tale lands are almost always white greatly adding to their glamour and mystical appeal.

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