Saturday, December 3, 2011

PETA and Red Bank Wagon Rides

This is our response to PETA's dire warnings to Red Bank about the wagon rides.
Please refer to our other blog In Defense of the Carriage Horse for background information.
The horses we use in Red Bank are hand selected for calmness. We try maybe
20 horses and only settle on 1 or 2 that possess the necessary calmness
needed to perform this type of work.
Yes other companies are not so discriminating in their choices as they
either do not understand what is required or do not care.
Some of the other carriage companies actually drug their horses before an
event inviting accidents to happen.
We do not buy horses and use them without extensive trials at home and on
local roads with loud noises and cars and trucks passing
and the occassional sirens.
Our horses are not nervous but extremely placid and solid.
We care for our horses and love them as family pets. When they can no
longer work we keep them and care for them until they die
of natural causes. Our horses are out in pasture most of the week, not
confined to stalls and not used every day. Our horses are rotated
so none of them work too much.
I think this is something you need to accept that not all horses and their
owners are created equal and that you have to allow that sometimes
others know better than you what is safe for their horses.
We don't believe that you have the right to malign all horse and carriage
owners with your remarks.

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