Sunday, December 4, 2011

Carriage Operators of North America CONA


Sorry we are out doing carriage events all weekend. I did read your email
regarding PETA and the Red Bank Center. As CONA ( Carriage Operators of North
America) has stated before, PETA is a group of radical extremists who have an
animals rights/VEGAN agenda that is so far removed from mainstream America that
their radical approach is falling on deaf ears.

PETA looks to scare businesses and individuals into promoting their agenda
that all animals should be free and have the same rights as human beings. They
have no plan or financing to support any of these animals and do in
fact routinely euthanize dogs and cats in their care. PETA would rather see an
animal dead than domesticated.

American's throughout the country have turned a deaf ear to their
propaganda as they look to survive these difficult economic times. Many
commercial establishments around the country offer carriage rides to attract
customers and to provide a wholesome family entertainment as a thank you to
their communities.

PETA offers no solutions to the problems facing Americans who struggle to
make ends meet and care for their pets, they prefer to intimidation and

In a democratic nation the truth eventually comes to the surface as we are
seeing in New York City and around the nation. I saw your pictures from Red Bank
Center and the health and beauty of your animals shines through in your


Linda Kramer

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